Your Meals



Your meals

Eating at The Talking Table is less about the food than it is about the meal, and the meal is more about the talking than it is about the eating. But that does not mean that we do not eat well. On the contrary, we serve hearty and healthy country food. Douw and Frederik cook from their own experience, food by chefs they like, from their mothers’ recipes, and with a number of Greek peasant dishes added to the table. We love salads and vegetables as much as a generous chicken, a flavourful leg of lamb and an aromatic stew. And the cooking isn’t all done in an isolated kitchen. If you wish to join in peeling the carrots out in the garden, or stir the pot in the kitchen, or even cook a dish you’re good at, you’d be welcome. A conversation may start in the kitchen, continue through the meal and lift us into the night where we watch the stars with late-night drinks. So that the cooking and the eating and the talking are all integrated into the unique experience that is The Talking Table.

You will be served a Greek/Continental breakfast each morning, and three evening meals and two lunches during a five-day session. During a seven-day visit it will be four evening meals and three lunches. This, plus liquor and in-between snacks, is included in the price.