What you need




What you need

The summer days are hot and long in Molyvos. You don’t need much clothing. Make sure you have a bathing suit and clothes that will keep you cool. We recommend a hat, sunglasses and suntan oil. The beaches here are either small volcanic pebble – clean on the feet – or sand, but you may need beach shoes for your sensitive feet. Bring a beach towel or sarong for afternoons on the beach.

We provide bathing towels at the house.

For spring and autumn visits, bring something warm for the evenings. Some days might be rainy and a light raincoat will come in handy.

The village streets are old cobblestone streets (kalderimis) so sensible shoes are highly recommended. It is also quite hilly, so bring your walking shoes or comfortable sandals.

The village has two pharmacies and a few little village market shops where you can find most things. And countless other little bric-a-brac shops where you can browse and spend your money. The small city of Mytilene is an hour away and most things can be sourced there.

Books are recommended, as this is a place where we talk, eat and read.

The house has Wi-Fi so you are more than welcome to bring your laptop, iPad, smartphone and other gadgets you cannot live without. We will encourage you to drop a nice picture of your stay at The Talking Table on Instagram.

You can rent cars, motorbikes and bicycles and even kayaks here. So do remember your driver’s license and make sure it is internationally accepted.

In the end, we are more interested in you and your ideas, thoughts and passions. Feel free to bring as many of those as you like.

But we will feed your stomach and soul, quench your thirst and make sure you sleep in comfort.