Beautiful article about The Talking Table in Sarie Magazine from South Africa.

The author Marita van der Vyver visited The Talking Table in June and wrote this article for Sarie Magazine. Sarie is one of the most popular magazine in SA and one of the top selling female magazines in that country. It is in Afrikaans, but the pictures tell the story perfectly.

Kuier op Lesbos (1)Kuier op Lesbos 2



Blu and Robin (Shanti) Jones – Santa Barbara, California, USA

 Blu and I left your Table with the feeling of lightness and being gloriously satiated.

The setting, hosts, guests, food and most of all Talking around your Table created a magical evening! 

The Talking Table creates a fabulous opportunity to experience the joys of sharing and being more human, thank you!”


Cobus Heyl and Nicky Core, Brighton, UK

 It is up there with the best experiences we ever had. Thank you.”


Marita van der Vyver, Provence, France

“The Talking Table – you’ll laugh a lot, you’ll learn a lot, you might even cry a little when you leave.

Duisend maal dankie vir julle gulheid en gasvryheid en al die lekker praatjies wat ons daar kon praat.”


Maria Panagiotou, Gera, Lesbos

“Dear Frederik and Douw, thank you so much for your warmth, your honesty, your friendship … It doesn’t happen very often that one feels among friends with people one knows so little.

The great difference I could detect was that “love was in the air”: the love of the owners for that house and the love of all of you for my island (how proud that makes me feel).”