When in Greece


When in Greece.

During every workshop we serve daily breakfasts and a number of informal lunches or evening meals at a long table for our guests, no more than eight in number. This is where there is a chance you may encounter someone from a different country or continent or hemisphere, coming with an entirely different world view. This is where you can discover our human kinship, the possibility of friendship, and the opportunity to see the world through a different prism.
Outside of these workshops or sessions you can roam and discover the island. The diversity of Lesvos ranges from forests to alpine mountains to desert rock to marble beaches. There are twelve million olive trees and pine-covered mountainsides. Streams and archaeology. Wine farms and festivals. Cliff-clinging villages and a vibrant capital city. All connected by excellent roads.
Molyvos is the ancient city of Mythimna, a place of myth and history, a station along the way of the original Odyssey on the island that gave the world the first poet of individual emotions, Sappho. The island where Aristotle spent a year at a lake writing up his observations.
It is also a place where refugees from the war in Syria are welcomed and helped by townspeople and volunteers before they travel further into Europe. This is truly East meeting West.