Unlocking Colour With the Tri- colour Palette: Workshop for Artists.

4-11 October

Painting Workshop: Unlocking Colour With the Tri-colour Palette

Presenter: Andries Gouws

Molyvos, Lesvos

Andries Gouws

This workshop focuses on colour and tonality. Colour frightens many people because it is so complex. In this workshop we limit ourselves to just three colours at a time (plus white). This makes it simpler to mix colours and to discern colours in what you observe. After the workshop people often say: “For the first time I understand what colour is about”.

First we mix colour using the three true primaries: yellow, cyan and magenta, and then we move on to some other 3 colour palettes. Getting colour right, but not tonality, is unsatisfactory, so we go into tonality where needed.

Scattered through each course are short sessions in which we discuss instructive works by other artists. To conclude, Andries discusses the work made in the workshop, and how that compares with their previous work, with each participant.

Andries does not impose a particular style, or push you in a particular direction, but tries to help you find your own path. Committing to a workshop is a rare opportunity to devote seven days exclusively to art making, away from the demands and distractions of everyday life, supported by a group of others who are equally committed.

The workshop is suited to all levels, from beginners to professionals. It helps everybody overcome their fear of making art.

What some participants have said about the workshop:

@ “I learnt more in a week than I would normally learn in a year.”

@ “Thank you for the new glasses you gave me – it’s like seeing colour for the fist time.”

@ “Painting master Andries Gouws is unusually generous in sharing hard-won secrets of his craft; he also gives a good amount of feedback. He believes in painting from life, and he’s serious about colour – about getting it right to an insane level of perfection.”

@ “By creating boundaries to work within, Andries gently encourages your own natural process/style of painting and enhances it by bestowing his vast knowledge of the great masters, materials one uses and art. I highly recommend his workshops.”


Date Activity Art discussed
Day 1 Mix colour samples with true primary colours Arikha, Hals
Day 2 Paint with true primary colours Still life as genre
Day 3 Paint with ochre/magenta/viridian Freud, Rembrandt
Day 4 Paint with ochre/magenta/viridian Vermeer, Velasquez
Day 5 Paint with ochre /Indian red /black Morandi, Giacometti
Day 6 Paint with ochre /Indian red /black Bonnard, Matisse
Day 7 Paint with ochre/burnt umber/viridian Heda etc, Guston


Andries Gouws describes himself as a bald Dutch-South African Buddhist-Calvinist bourgeois painter. He is known for his small meditative paintings of unremarkable topics such as interiors or feet. Gouws studied fine art in Cape Town, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam, and philosophy in Utrecht (the Netherlands). After spending 16 years in Europe, he returned to South Africa in 1987. His one man shows “Hiding behind simple things” (2006) and “Pedestrian Paintings” (2011-12) travelled to all the major centres in South Africa, after his previous one man shows in Durban, Cape Town and Chicago. In 2018 his new one man show will again be exhibited all over South Africa. Following years in which he earned his keep as a philosophy lecturer in the Netherlands, Stellenbosch and then Durban, he now lives in Jamestown (Stellenbosch) as a full-time painter and painting teacher. Gouws is married to the novelist and artist Ingrid Winterbach, and they have two daughters.

Tariffs include accommodation, two meals per day and course fee; travel excluded.
Single: €1 280
Sharing pp: €1 120

To book: email info@thetalkingtable.com