Sense of Place: Creative Photography Workshop.

24 May – 1 June

Sense of Place: Creative Photography Workshop

Presenters: Susan Greeff and Anita de Villiers

Molyvos, Lesvos


The picturesque village of Molyvos on Lesvos is the place where we take our cameras on a creative visual exploration, meandering through cobbled streets and along inviting beaches. The emphasis is on immersing ourselves in the culture and daily lives of the local people, savoring their cuisine and wine and learning about ancient history of the island of Lesvos written in its architecture and symbols. Each day we become more attuned to our milieu and more alert to our own changing reactions, interpretations and emotions. Through our lenses we discover and capture the true sense of this ageless destination.

During our seven-day workshop we focus on several key aspects of photography and the creative journey:

Mindfulness: As with any other creative process, photography has the ability to draw one into a natural state of mindfulness. It opens up intuitive senses, allows inventiveness from within, so the journey becomes the focus, fueling creative expression as opposed to a fixation on the end result.

 The creative journey: We explore our personal creative development, embrace our fears and insecurities and open ourselves up to new opportunities. We create space in which each person has the freedom of expressing his or her individuality through photography.

Elements of design and composition: At first glance, subjects and scenes we encounter may look like a chaotic canvas, challenging the photographer to find order integral to all creation. It is the elements of design – colour, line, form, texture, light, pattern, rhythm, space and balance – that we train the artistic eye to see.

From subject to expression: Finding the perfect subject to photograph or composing a striking image is not where we limit our creative process. Moving beyond the subject matter allows for the liberation of personal sources of inspiration, interpretation, and unique expression in our photographs.

Genres and aspects of photography we focus on:

  • Subjects found and subjects created: the aesthetic of Wabi Sabi and Still Life.
  • Symbolism in photography.
  • Landscapes and seascapes.
  • Flâneur: street photography
  • Portraits & figure in landscape: expressive portraiture, including the human figure in a landscape.
  • Close-up and abstracts: identify and isolate symbolic elements of the island.


Each photographer works towards a personal portfolio that visually portrays their own sense of place relating to Lesvos.

The Workshop

The workshop is designed for photographers who wish to intensify their photographic experiences and develop their own creative style. Both beginner photographers with an understanding of their cameras and post-processing software (Photoshop and NIK), as well as more advanced photographers wanting to expand their portfolios and work from a deeper level of soul are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Susan at

(Included in the programme will be daily assignments and evaluations as well as mindfulness excercises.)
DAY 1 Introductions and portfolio sharing Susan
Sense of place Susan
Mindfulness Susan
DAY 2 Design elements Anita
Still life Anita
DAY 3 From subject to expression Anita
Expressive B&W NIK Anita
DAY 4 Sense of place: Photographic outing A & A
DAY 5 Street & Travel Portraits Susan
DAY 6 Country walk to secret breakfast: shoot S & A
DAY 7 Challenges in the field, post-processing, the creative journey All

Susan Greeff is an accredited life coach and counsellor whose passion for photography and travel took her on a journey of discovering her own creative expression. For her, the creative process is as much part of our inner journey as it is of the outer journey. As creative photographer, Susan has learned from a number of photographic masters, but her self-confessed rebellious nature also allowed space for her intuitive voice to create a style of her own. Her photographs have been nominated, honorably mention and selected as finalist artworks in national and international photographic competitions, featured in several international photographic publications, while a profile article featured in an Australian art magazine.

Anita de Villiers is a professional photographer and writer with a linguistic and academic background. She conducts photographic workshops, ateliers, courses and safaris. As a photojournalist she marries words to images, and as a teacher and mentor she aims to open each photographer’s personal path to discovery and creativity. Her photography is powered by the spiritual, inquisitive, analytical and introspective nature of an outsider who lives by her senses, especially the sixth one. Fine Art photography is the genre Anita prefers, as it allows her to work across the other photographic genres, including nature and wildlife, landscape, flâneur, culture and people. She is inspired by the visual arts as well as the written word and visual narrative. Her work has been exhibited at several galleries, the latest being the Collection “Earth Animals” at the Imbizo Galleries in Umhlanga and Hoedspruit, South Africa.

Tariffs include accommodation, two meals per day and course fee; travel excluded.

Single: €1 200

Sharing pp: €1 040

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