Greek Easter Family Breakaway.

5-10 April

Greek Easter Family Breakaway

Molyvos, Lesvos


This is an open week, no workshop, no extra fees, and the dates are flexible. Come as a family or a group of friends. The Greek Easter is a unique, picturesque, lively and deeply spiritual experience. The flowers in the church, the services, the congregations in procession through the streets, each member carrying a candle lighted from a flame that was flown here from the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. Not to forget the firework displays and the glorious feast of Easter lamb on the day of the Resurrection.

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In addition, this is springtime on Lesvos, with nature at its most exuberant. The hills are as green as Ireland, the walking trails – of which there are many ­­– fragrant with the spice of fennel and wild origanum, and the air sweet from an explosion of wild flowers. This is the most beautiful time to be in Molyvos, our World Heritage village on a peninsula on the north coast of the island.

Besides giving you breakfast and a long-table feast each day, we’ll make you a picnic in an olive grove in a valley called Eftalou nearby. Visit the ancient Turkish bath built over a hot spring right on the rocks within walking distance of the picnic site. April is good for swimming, especially after soaking in the hot mineral water.


And, finally, Molyvos, or the ancient city of Mythimna, is surrounded by antiquities – roads, urban structures, storage facilities, temples and more for you to explore.

Tariffs include accommodation and two meals per day; travel excluded.

Single: €770

Grand master bedroom pp sharing: €730

Other rooms pp sharing: €670

To book: Email