Date Title Presenter Location
25 – 30 January Creative Writing Workshop in the beautiful Eastern Free State Brownyn Law- Viljoen Rosendal, SA
22 – 27 Februarie  Tweede Winne Rust Afrikaanse Skryfskool Eben Venter, Ingrid Winterbach, Kerneels Breytenbach Stilbaai, SA
11-18 March Writing Workshop and a week’s holiday on beautiful Kangaroo Island, Australia Eben Venter, Lynda Gilfillan Kangaroo Island, Australia
 12-20 May  Gevorderde Afrikaanse Skryfskool op die eiland Lesbos  Marita van der Vyver

Frederik de Jager

Molyvos, Lesbos
 25 May – 2 June Photography Workshop presented by Michael Honegger at  Lesbos, Greece 25 May – 2 June 2019.  Michael Honegger  Molyvos,  Lesbos
7 June – 15 June  Cook away with Home/Tuis magazine and The Talking Table in Molyvos, Lesbos. Tuis/Home Magazine  Molyvos, Lesbos
 23 June – 1 July  Character, Conflict & Creative Process with author David Layton. David Layton Molyvos, Lesbos
 6 – 14 July  Aristotle on Lesvos: Contemporary Understanding of Ancient Wisdom. Pieter Duvenhage  Molyvos, Lesbos
 18-26 July  Vroukeur-lesers besoek aan the Talking Table. Vrouekeur Magazine Molyvos, Lesbos
3-11 September Business ethics in the 21st century: principles, Profits and Paradoxes. Retha Alberts  Molyvos, Lesbos
 15 – 23 September  Land Art on a Greek island with Strydom van der Merwe  Strydom van der Merwe  Molyvos, Lesbos
6-14 October  Face and Figure: Painting Workshop  Andries Gouws  Molyvos, Lesbos
 14-22 October  Discover Your Inner Odysseus: Painting Workshop  Louis Jansen van Vuuren  Molyvos, Lesbos